It's the big buzz-word today.  It is blamed for making everything in our lives go from bad to worse.  Many illnesses are thought to be caused by stress.  According to some experts, there's proof that its effects can damage every system in the human body.

So, what can we do about stress?

Learning some simple Stress-Relief Strategies is a smart move.  There are ways to calm the nerves, relax the muscles, reduce the effects that stress can have on us.  We can learn to undo the damage and reverse the symptoms, if we work on the underlying cause, which is our uncontrolled negative emotional reactions to the challenging events of our lives.

How do you feel when you are "under stress" and the pressure is taking its toll?  Tired, anxious, worried, nervous, angry, depressed, eventually exhausted? The mind and body interact constantly, taking the thoughts we are having and translating them into emotional states.  Feelings follow.  Then, the brain generates electro-chemical messages and sends them to the muscles to tense, and the glands such as the adrenals, to "fight or flight." The thymus secretes the toxic chemistry of painful emotions into the tissue surrounding the heart.  The pituitary gland (the "Master Gland") goes on high alert, and the thyroid becomes depleted causing the cortisol levels to peak and valley until we feel drained from being off balance.

Do your batteries feel worn down?  Are you aware of your own stress levels?  Could this be endangering your health at this very moment?

Depending on the time you have available during the day, from just one brief minute to a 20-minute Power Nap - you can maintain your energy level at full capacity, and your stress at a minimum, if you know how.

Here's how . . .

Learn Stress-Relief Strategies.  Use them often.
As with everything, there is a cumulative effect from Healthy Habit #6 Rest-Relax-Recharge.

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  • The 1-Minute Stress Manager 
  • Take 5 to Revive
  • Count to 10; Start Again
  • 20 is Plenty


If you have a challenging time falling asleep, or awaken many times during the night (with thoughts whirling about in your brain, unable to "fall" back to sleep), try these techniques that WILL help to relax your nerves, release the tension, and quiet your brainwaves.  Use your mind to unwind:

  • Talk to Your Toes
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Visualization of a Pleasant Scene
  • Breathing - for Relaxation

AVOID DRUGS as your solution for stress!  Stay away from Sleep-Aids.  Don't get hooked on dangerous anti-depressants or resort to alcohol to escape.


There is advanced biotechnology available today that can help us reduce stress.  Without drugs!  Or any invasive procedure.  It is often effective when all other methods have failed.  

You may or may not have heard of the Electro-Acuscope & Myopulse System.  Or, it is possible that you were referred to this website by a healthcare practitioner who is giving you treatments with this remarkable equipment for your neuro-muscular pain from an injury, an accident, or an illness.   If so, you already know how relaxing the treatments can be, besides reducing your pain level and releasing muscle tension.

Here (below) is a brief introduction to this advanced biotechnology, well-known among natural, non-invasive health-care practices.  It can help you to achieve calm, relaxed, resilient nerves and  maintain a stress-free state of mind and body.  (No matter what is going on in your life!) 


The condition of your nerves and Nervous System in general, is the key to  whether the stress of daily life will cause illness or serve to bolster your immune system in positive ways.  The strength or weakness of your muscles and Connective Tissue will determine what activities you can enjoy without discomfort.

Understanding that your bio-electricity (the wiring of your Nervous System) is the source of your energy, your MindBody and its trillions of cells can become depleted in attempting to repair injuries and other conditions.    Now they can be restored to a fully-charged capacity by the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse, considered to be natural bio-identical electricity that is able to reawaken cellular metabolism. 

The Acuscope System is being used in Rehabilitation and Wellness Centers around the world.  Doctors and Therapists recommend this gentle bio-feedback regulated micro-current electrical nerve and muscle stimulation to restore nerve conductivity, release tight, tense muscles and repair injured tissue, helping to overcome a wide variety of painful conditions.

Your muscles, organs, glands and circulatory systems may require a complete bioelectricity overhaul. Followed by a maintenance program.  Eventually you may need only fine-tuning to feel energetic throughout the day and well-rested after each good night's sleep.  Would that be something you would love to experience?  

If you are not yet having Acuscope-Myopulse therapy, ask your Doctor to give you a referral for a series of relaxing and comfortable treatments that can eliminate the negative effects of stress and help you to be rid of physical pain that is interfering with your life right now.   

For additional information, see www.acuscope-myopulse.com .

Your doctor will recommend that you combine Acuscope-Myopulse treatments with a lifestyle that includes The 7 Essential Health Habits.  The rest is up to you.  Youthful vitality can be yours for years to come!

If you have a Doctor or other Healthcare Practitioner who you think would be interested in offering micro-current technology as one of his or her services, print out some of these pages (click here) and hand them to him or her to read.  Then, BE THE PATIENT who benefits!

Or, find out if there is already an Acuscope-Myopulse Practitioner in your area.