Healthy Natural Eating

Eat nothing but nutrients.Try it; you just might like it.  Keep your diet simple and natural. 

Basic guideline:  if its full of life, consume it. If it's not, avoid it as if it was poison.

 "Let Nature be thy medicine."
Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, Greek Philosopher

I say, "Let Mother Nature be thy Doctor."  The Earth knows best what nourishes a human body.  We are so fortunate to have markets that provide fresh fruits and all types of nuts; vegetables of all kinds; carbs straight from the ground; and protein sources that are not depleted or tainted with anti-biotics, hormones, fattening agents, pesticides.

Here's the perfect day's meal plan for health (not a fad, a fact!):

Before noon:  fruits ("Nature's Cleanser") such as citrus, berries, fresh squeezed and juicer-made fruit juices, including banana, apple or pear; and/or melons.* 

At least 20 - 30 minutes after eating any of these, a generous handful of nuts; can be combined with grains such as granola or cooked Oats or Quinoa.

After noon:  salad ("Nature's Scrub Brush") including all types of lettuces (preferably dark greens and reds), tomato, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, onions, etc. 
This is the best time for protein.  Great choices, freshly cooked Garbonzos, Lentils, Red Adzuki Beans, Edamame Beans.  Or, if you prefer, chicken or fish.

After 6 PM:  a delicious carb such as Sweet Potato, Yam, Red Potato, or Short Grain Organic Brown Rice, or Quinoa.

* NEVER eat fruit after other food.  While anything else is digesting, the digestive enzymes required to digest fruit will turn your stomach sour, producing acidity and gas.  

You want to be well?  Full of vitality and energy for all you do?  Well then . . . 
Stop making excuses, arguing for your limitations, justifying your short-comings.  
If you find yourself defending your addictions (even though you know they are not good for you),